In the case of Private & Virtual Office Services 

You cannot terminate this Agreement prior to the TENURE Usage Charge Commencement Date. In the event, you default with respect to moving in to the Work-Space after signing of the Membership Agreement, You shall be liable to pay pre-agreed tenure Usage Charges for the lock-in period.

Termination by You

You may terminate this Agreement by delivering to us written notice of the period agreed under the Membership Agreement and the termination will be effective on the later of the last Regular Business Day of the Termination Effective Month and the expiration of the Lock-in Period.

No termination by you shall be effective during the Lock-in Period, and termination by you during the Lock-in Period is a breach of this Agreement. If you terminate this Agreement prior to the end of the Lock-in Period, your Yearly Membership Fee obligations for the remaining Lock-in Period shall become immediately due. In addition to any rights, claims and remedies we choose to pursue in our discretion, your Interest Free Refundable Security Deposit shall be forfeited immediately as a result of your breach.

Termination or Suspension by Us

We may withhold Services or immediately terminate this Agreement:
1. upon breach of this Agreement by you or any Member;
2. upon termination, expiration or material loss of our rights in the Premises;
3. if any outstanding fees are still due after we provide notice to you;
4. if you or any of your Members fail to comply with the terms and conditions of your Membership and House Rules, or any other policies or instructions provided by us or applicable to you; or
5. at any other time, when we, in our sole discretion, see fit to do so. You will remain liable for past due amounts, and we may exercise our rights to collect due payment, despite termination or expiration of this Agreement.

In case of Meeting, Training and Conference Rooms

You must use a Credit Card or Debit Card or Bank Transfer to guarantee a booking. By making a booking with your credit card or debit card or bank transfer, you agree to accept the relevant cancellation and no-show policy by Workcentral as set out in its terms and conditions. in the event that you cancel your booking outside the permitted timeframe specified in this policy (or that you fail to arrive by your agreed check-in time), you authorise the Workcentral to charge to your credit card or debit card without further reference to you an amount not exceeding the charge for one night’s stay (in the case of accommodation) or such other amount as may be set out in the invoice or terms and conditions.

Your non-arrival by the agreed check-in time may result in the cancellation of your entire booking. Any amendments to your booking must be notified to and agreed with Workcentral representatives directly (but no refund of all or any part of the deposit will be made). In making a booking, it shall be your responsibility to disclose to Workcentral any requirements or special facilities that you or a member of your party may need as a result of any medical conditions.

When a booking is confirmed we will issue the booking confirmation to you for each booking, but will not provide information about any charges for additional services or details of the service charge or taxes charged by Workcentral or any of its agents. The reference numbers included on the booking confirmation should be quoted in all enquiries, cancellation or modification of the booking.

If you choose to cancel your booking then you will be charger based onWorkcentral cancelation policy

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